Local Play

Austin Monthly Tournaments
Location: Buffalo Billiards, 201 East 6th Street, Austin, TX, 78701 – (512) 479-7665

Details: First Saturday of each month, 5:00 pm. Entry Fee: $5, Format: Depends on number of players. Visit us online at or AustinAirHockey.com or Yahoo Groups.
Tournament Charts – Points Leaders – Results – Top 4 Finishes

Colorado Weeklies – Splitz Bowling Alley
Location: Splitz Bowling Center, 10685 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO, 80020 – (303) 466-7515

Details: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. No Entry fee. Tournament format is double-elimination handicapped.
Tournament Charts – Points Leaders – Results – Top 4 Finishes

Houston Weeklies at SRO
Location: SRO Sports Bar and Cafe, 444 Northwest Mall, Houston, TX, 77092

Details: Most Friday nights at 7:30pm. $5 entry fee. Tournament format is double-elimination handicapped
Tournament Charts – Points Leaders – Results – Top 4 Finishes

Illinois Weekly Tournaments
Location: Brunswick Zone Glendale Heights, 558 E. North Ave., Glendale Heights, IL, 60139 – (630) 858-1300

Details: Every Saturday at 12:00pm. $5 Double Elimination – Free for players under 15 years of age.
Tournament Charts – Points Leaders – Results – Top 4 Finishes

In Las Vegas you would be hard pressed to find a time of day you could not play poker & that is also the case for tournaments. There is a good game going all of the time if you know where to look for it. You may have to go to the middle of the Las Vegas Strip or right around the corner at one of the lush centrally localized resort casinos. If you can’t find any action there you may have to travel a bit further into the city. There are a lot of major destinations that are not on the strip. Maybe downtown or the boulder strip. Maybe you will have to find a little hole in the wall if the timing is really obscure but who needs to play poker at 3:17 a.m. on x-mas day? Nobody & of course that is just a joke you can find a game at that time too if you look.

That said you will want to try sticking to one of the more reputable locations if you want to keep your winnings & make it out of there alive. No matter where you look there will be a game so the next obvious thing to think about would be the location & the environment. Are you a drinker? does your casino bring you drinks regularly? Do you want rewards for your play? Well, there are places all over that you can get points which translate into free play, free food or movies, etc.. The truth is that you can get so much more than just the table play if you are going to the right place. Why would you not deserve to be treated great? You are the reason they are in business. They should make you feel appreciated, shouldn’t they?

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