Texas Air Hockey

Air Hockey is well-known as a classic pastime of rec rooms and watering holes, but many people may be surprised to discover that Air Hockey is also a professional sport full of talented, experienced, and devoted players. The Texas Air Hockey League was one of the original and most active branches of the USAA (United States Air-Table Hockey Association).

Neither organization seems to have a sizable Internet presence, so we’ve kept up this site for those who may be using old or outdated links or bookmarks, or simply want to know more about this fascinating sport. For the basics, you can browse the Wikipedia Air Hockey article, but for more detailed and up-to-date info, we recommend Air Hockey.com or Air Hockey World.com. On Twitter, follow @air_hockey for the most current information.

We must stress that we are NOT the original owners of Texas Air Hockey.com, nor are we affiliated with them or actively involved in the Air Hockey scene. Some of the information on these pages has been preserved from the original site as a reference; we make no claim to authorship or copyright of said information, nor do we guarantee that any of the information is still accurate at this time.

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